Welcome to the Crossroads! We're so glad that you've dropped by. Crossroads is a “church in formation,” a mission church that has been sent to the Brighton area to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and establish a Christian mission at what some call the "Crossroads of Michigan." Check out our website and let us know if you’d like to learn more about Jesus, the Kingdom of God, and the Anglican Way at davesimmonspc@gmail.com.

  • What We're About

    The word "Anglican" refers to the people and churches that developed from the Church of England and the English Reformation. Our unique Christian tradition represents a middle way between extreme Protestant and Roman Catholic beliefs.


  • What to Expect

    At Crossroads you'll witness what Christians across the centuries have experienced: God speaking to His people through His Word and God's presence among His people through worship and thanksgiving.


  • On the Horizon

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